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Front Cover - Broken Open DVD by Craig Hamilton

Broken Open DVD
Front Cover

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Broken Open DVD


"The ABC television documentary Broken Open documents Craig's profound transformation in the recovery from his worst psychotic episode.

The experience has given him new insights into his own life and spirituality, as well as a deep appreciation of those who rallied to help a once proudly self-reliant man.

He now believes that his terrible experience was the best thing that has ever happened to him.

This program provides a unique first hand account of a rarely discussed mental health issue.

It's a story told with courage and breathtaking honesty by a very engaging bloke

Compass Program
ABC Television


Craig Hamilton is known to many people. He has for many years been a high profile sports presenter on the ABC.

With the many and varied interests and activities Craig pursues in his life, he is one of the 800,000 Australians who each year suffers from the insidious illness, depression.

This book, A Better Life, which he has written with Will Swanton, not only acknowledges his own illness and how he manages it, but it tells the stories of others in an uplifting way.

It tells how some people have managed their illness, to live as normal and fulfilling a life as possible.

Reading A Better Life will give encouragement to many, and I hope, to men in particular.

Craig's journey has been a challenging one, but one he deals with in such a way that he is able to live a very busy and active life.

Because Craig deals with his illness openly and publicly, we asked him to become an Ambassador for beyondblue some 3 years ago.

Craig travels the country speaking at public meetings and to the media, helping to raise awareness of depression.

By speaking out, Craig is helping others, particularly in encouraging them to seek help.

Craig's assistance to beyondblue has been invaluable, and this book is another wonderful contribution, to those, who like him, suffer depression.

I thank Craig for his efforts for beyondblue and commend this book to you.

The Hon. Jeff Kennett AC
The National Depression Initiative