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A Better Life by Craig Hamilton with Will Swanton


"A Better Life"
by Craig Hamilton with
Will Swanton
Released July 2nd 2012
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Craigs new book


Broken Open by Craig Hamilton with Neil Jameson


"Broken Open"
by Craig Hamilton with
Neil Jameson.
Read extracts from
Craig's book

Benefits of Omega 3

I believe there are benefits in taking Omega 3 ( fish oil ) supplements for people battling depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and acute anxiety.

My own experience is overwhelming in this area.

Just over 12 months ago my GP put me on 2 fish oil capsules a day for my high cholesterol. The bad news is it made very little difference to my "good" cholesterol level but my overall sense of well being has improved markedly.

I still take my prescribed amount of Sodium Valporate (Epilim 1500 mg day ) as well for Bipolar 1 Disorder and I will stress that anyone who decides to adopt the Omega 3 trial should do so as an adjunct to their normal medication as prescribed and to also discuss this with their doctor before undertaking a course of Omega 3.

There is much discussion world wide right now about the benefits of Omega 3 as a dietary supplement and it is particularly relevant for the Western world where the rate of depression is much higher than the East.

It may be a huge co-incidence but the countries that eat more deep sea fish (that have the highest amount of Omega 3) have a lower rate of depression.

In Australia we do not generally eat a great deal of Omega 3 rich fish ( sardines, mackerall, tuna, herring, anchovies etc )

Omega 3 is brain food !

I have never felt better in my life.

Even on 1500mg of Epilim a day, the mood swings associated with Bipolar Disorder 1 can still be evident even though they are much reduced in severity.

I have been well and functioning capably for 5 years since my hospitalisation in 2000 in my work as a Sports Broadcaster with ABC Radio.

In the past 12 months the only change I have made to my lifestyle is the addition of 2 Omega 3 capsules per day.

Just about all fluctuations in my mood in the past 6/9 months have been negligible.

I did not mention the benefits of Omega 3 to my health in the Compass program screened on ABC Television recently because the program was filmed in October 2004 , nearly 12 months before it was actually screened. At this time I had only just begun taking Omega 3 and then only because I had high cholesterol.

Please refer to Dr David Servan- Schreiber's book "Healing without Freud or Prozac" and particulary Chapter 9 The Revolution in Nutrition: Omega- 3 Fatty Acids Feed the Emotional Brain.

I literally stumbled across this book at the News Link store at Tullamarine Airport in Melbourne.

What I read blew me away.

I have been taking Omega 3 for my blood cholesterol and I believe it has been feeding and healing my brain at the same time.

At this stage no-one as far as I am aware is prepared to say with 100% certainty that Omega 3 could be the next link in the chain to help those suffering with mental illness.

I have a mental illness...Bipolar Disorder 1 and I speak from my own experience only on this and with no scientific data that says catergorically that this is proven.

What I do know is how I am functioning and on that alone I am prepared to back myself.

I am happy to discuss this with anyone who is interested in furthering the cause of those who suffer every day in Australia and around the world with mental illness.

I state again for the record that I do not advocate Omega 3 as a replacement for current prescribed medications but as a dietary supplement .