Craig started his career as a broadcaster with ABC Radio in 1994.

Since then he has covered Rugby League, Rugby Union and Cricket at international level as a commentator.

Craig is probably best known as a member of the Grandstand Rugby League commentary and has worked Grand Finals, State of Origin series and a number of Test Matches.

Craig was born and raised in the Hunter Valley town of Singleton and spent 16 years working as an underground coalminer in the Newcastle area before embarking on a radio career fulltime in 1999.

In 1991 Craig represented the Newcastle and NSW Country cricket teams, and played against the touring Sri Lankan team.

Mental Health Advocate & Keynote Speaker

In the year 2000, on the eve of the Sydney Olympic Games where Craig had been assigned to work as a broadcaster, he experienced a psychotic episode and was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.

He spent 12 days in hospital and, since his recovery, has become one of Australia's most high profile speakers on Mental Health and Lifestyle.

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In 2004 Random House released his highly acclaimed memoir "Broken Open" which gives a very personal account of living with Bipolar Disorder.

In July 2012, Allen and Unwin released his second book
"A Better Life"

Craig is now an internationally sought after motivational speaker who tells what it's like to battle serious mental illness.

His inspiring story offers hope and motivation to others.


beyondblue Ambassador

As a beyondblue Ambassador, Craig provides an insight into what it is like to experience a mental health condition and gives hope and encouragement to others.

“Because Craig deals with his illness openly and publicly, we asked him to become an Ambassador for beyondblue 10 years ago. Craig travels the country speaking at public meetings and to the media, helping to raise awareness of depression. By speaking out, Craig is helping others, particularly in encouraging them to seek help.”

The Hon. Jeff Kennett AC, beyondblue

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Craig was a real gift to us yesterday. What a great and powerful speaker. He was wonderful, fantastic, educative, funny, I can't say enough. I have had a huge response from people, lots of emails expressing their gratitude at hearing his story. He spoke from his heart and the audience was riveted.

- Sue Giugni
St Vincents Hospital, NSW

Craig gave a very personal perspective as he told his story about his struggle with mental illness. The silence from our people clearly displayed his remarkable ability to engage with his audience. As I looked around the room one could see he was connecting very strongly. Craig’s open and honest talk about mental illness and the measures required to return to optimum health, highlighted the strong support network required for people suffering from mental illness.

The discussions that followed and that have continued since Craig shared his story on mental illness, highlights the lasting effect Craig has had on our employees and contractors. He presents in a very “matter of fact” manner and offers very practical observations/solutions that apply to each and every one of us as we go through life, not only in terms of recognising the signs of mental illness in ourselves, our mates or loved ones, but also what is required to ensure we minimise the occurrence of mental illness in our society.

We will welcome Craig back in the future, to again share his story and motto of ‘our choices everyday impact on our health tomorrow’.

- Cam Halfpenny
Chief Executive Officer, Bengalla Mining Company

When Craig starts telling his story, you don't want him to stop. It is honest, insightful and spoken with great passion and conviction.

Craig spoke to a room full of journalism and public relation academics, local media and staff working in mental health.

His presentation had something in it for everyone. He was able to reflect on his personal experience with mental illness, his role in the media and his experience writing his first and second book. Our national guests were talking about his insights long after that evening and reflecting on both their personal and professional roles.

It was a great reminder about how powerful the personal story can be in motivating people.

- Jaelea Skehan
Program Manager, Mindframe National Media Initiative Hunter Institute of Mental Health Newcastle NSW

Craig spoke to our workforce of over 350 people over five sessions as part of our commitment to mental health awareness and support, and the feedback from our people has been exceptional. Craig's experience with mental illness provides a compelling story, and his willingness to share his experiences and advice has helped raise awareness and discussion on the subject by our employees, the majority of them men. Employees are now coming forward and speaking about their own experiences, or those of families and friends. We can't commend Craig highly enough for his honesty and insight into confronting, understanding and managing this illness and its complexities.

- Tony Morris
Operations Manager, Ravensworth Surface Operations

Craig Hamilton is the consummate presenter. Rarely do you find an emcee that possesses the perfect blend of traits to fully engage a crowd and direct them and proceedings confidently and smoothly. His genuine warmth and charm help him to connect with both audience and presenters, with his unique personal and professional style of delivery only further enhanced by a quick wit and sense of humour.

One of his key strengths is understanding exactly what's required of him from event organisers, panel/guest speakers and his audience - then working towards achieving these outcomes to help produce a successful end-of-event result.

It helps that Craig is an extremely generous, grounded and all-round nice bloke with endless anecdotes of his personal experience to share. It is not surprising he has become a popular presenter across the country impressing and engaging audiences ranging across corporate and community sectors.

I have worked with Craig at a number of presentations over the years and cannot recommend his services highly enough. Your event will be in extremely good hands.

- Melinda Smith
Senior Consultant, Purser Corporate Communication

Craig spoke as the after dinner speaker at our recent National Sales Conference. His honesty, humour and insights into living and coping with mental health had the room in complete attentive silence. His ability to share his own personal journey and explain the impact on his family, friends and colleagues enlightened the room to the devastating effect of mental illness. Craig's open approach was full of great stories drawn from his experiences in sport and broadcasting, and his work as an advocate in the area of mental health. His advice was practical, non-judgemental and led to a lively 'question and answer' session and overwhelmingly positive feedback from the entire team.

- Damien Pigott
Upstream Solutions