A Better Life

After being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in 2000, Craig has travelled Australia and delivered Keynote Presentations in a variety of forums.

In 2005 he became an Ambassador with beyondblue and has represented the organisation in assisting to de-stigmatise with Mental Health education.


Broken Open

In a remarkable memoir ABC broadcaster Craig Hamilton tells what it’s like to go mad in public and survive to tell the tale. Hamilton explores how his breakdown and diagnosis of bipolar disorder affected his family, work colleagues and friends. In doing so he lifts the covers on the taboo subject of depression and shows how he stared down his demons to resurrect his life and career.

As a former top sportsman, farmer’s son and coal miner who reinvented himself to establish a successful career with the ABC, Craig believed he was immune to a calamity such as mental illness. From his initial shocking breakdown to his eventual recovery, Craig retraces his steps and highlights the warning signs that might have told him he was in serious trouble.

Broken Open is a gripping read about one man’s journey back from the brink of hell. But it is much more than that. It’s also a personal plea for society to shake off the stigma surrounding people with depression and to bring the subject out into the clear light of day.

Craig Hamilton is a broadcaster with ABC Radio who has worked on National Rugby League games for the past eight seasons. Neil Jameson is author of Walk Alone, the bestselling biography of soccer star Craig Johnston. to recover from a mental breakdown.


Broken Open DVD

“The ABC television documentary Broken Open documents Craig's profound transformation in the recovery from his worst psychotic episode.

The experience has given him new insights into his own life and spirituality, as well as a deep appreciation of those who rallied to help a once proudly self-reliant man.

He now believes that his terrible experience was the best thing that has ever happened to him.

This program provides a unique first hand account of a rarely discussed mental health issue.

It's a story told with courage and breathtaking honesty by a very engaging bloke.”

Compass Program
ABC Television


A Better Life, Broken Open & Broken Open DVD Bundle

Craig’s books, Broken Open ( published 2004 ) and A Better Life ( published 2012 ) and the Compass ( ABC Documentary ) Broken Open DVD are all available as a bundle at a cost of $87.85. This represents an overall saving of $16.65.